We take pride in three distinctions:

  1. We are a passionate third generation of lumbermen and women who have a great respect for the world’s forests, forestry workers, and sawmill workers.  Because of our desire to continue to pass down this legacy for generations to come, we take very seriously our responsibility to ensure sustainable and legal lumber procurement. We personally visit our supply bases in Southeast Asia, South America, and Africa several times a year, developing trusted relationships with our suppliers. Our lumber is hand-selected for the highest quality and sourced only from mills that harvest legally from responsibly managed forests.  You can read more about the steps we take maintain a high standard of ethical importing here.   
  2. We maintain significant inventories of all products so our customers can get what they want when they want it.
  3. We manufacture in our own facilities where we custom-machine our products to perfection.

Additionally, we maintain inventory levels of over 10 million board feet at all times in order to minimize supply line challenges and quickly meet our customers’ needs.

Hardwood Truck Flooring stacked on trailer

T. Lee Robinson Sr. next to a Trailer of Apitong/Keruing. c.1983

Alongside these standards, we also proudly offer our Total Quality Management program, ensuring the highest quality control for our customers. Total Quality Management consists of the following requirements:

Specific Grade

We insist on a higher quality lumber than traditional grade rules allow, purchased from qualified mills that are certified to conform to our proprietary specification of all species. We visit and inspect mills routinely to ensure our restrictive processing guidelines are met.

Arduous Inspection Process

We inspect continuously throughout the production process, sampling all products to verify quantity, grade, moisture content and specifications meet our benchmarks. Our guideline is “Inspect what we expect,” and we fulfill this promise every single day.

Continual Visual and Dynamic Testing

We conduct this testing throughout our multi-step processes on all manufactured products to endow them the status of High Performance Lumber Products, providing in-line or manual moisture detecting, proof loading, Tinius Olsen destructive testing, magnification testing to assure glue penetration, optical comparator tooling verification and TTMA load rating assurance. These tests enable the continuous delivery of consistent performance, making OHC the benchmark against which all other trailer flooring is measured.