Our Bloodwood is sourced from South America and is commonly used in Millwork products such as trim, inlays,  furniture, musical instruments, and turned objects. It is very durable and has good insect and borer resistance. Bloodwood’s heartwood can be a vivid red, darkening over time to a darker brownish red with exposure to light.


  • Select & Better
  • Mixed Grain
  • 4/4 Thickness


This Is Why Google And Amazon Are Building Futuristic Greenhouses

Ever wonder why office buildings have fountains in their mezzanine? Or, why Google and Amazon are building futuristic greenhouses? The answer is more than just fancy job perks, it’s actually scientific. Companies today have a greater understanding of the need for Biophilic design. Biophilia suggests that humans possess…

OHC Lufkin Warehouse

OHC Welcomes Rocky Thigpen, Lufkin’s New Warehouse Manager

OHC has recently moved into its new 147,000 square foot warehouse in Lufkin, Texas in order to accommodate the addition of 2 million board feet of lumber that came with the Sitco acquisition. The new warehouse will contain a fully functional Millwork division of OHC with all of the manufacturing capabilities…