Apitong/Keruing heartwood varies from light to dark red brown, or brown to dark brown, sometimes with a purple tint. Grown throughout Southeast Asia, this species has a rather homogenous straight or shallowly interlocked grain pattern, and low to moderate luster. It’s known to be both durable and flexible, making it perfect for the transportation industry as trailer flooring.



Container Flooring

Our plywood container flooring is unbeatable, thanks to its 19 plies/veneer panels made from

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lowboy trailer

Lowboy Flooring

Lowboy trailer flooring is designed to carry highly concentrated, oversized cargo. Such a high

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Apitong Keruing Trailers


Eventually, the inevitable happens: a trailer becomes damaged or wrecked, requiring a repair or

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Drop Deck Trailer

Drop Deck Flooring

We proudly offer our Road Load Tested® flooring for custom drop deck trailers. No

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Refrigeration Trailer

Refrigeration Floor Sills

Floor sills create space in the flooring of a refrigerated trailer or truck body

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Stake Body Trailer

Stake Body Flooring

Our stake body flooring utilizes our Road Load Tested® flooring, custom-designed to fit your

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plywood stack


We constantly strive to have the best performing product from the best suppliers. Our

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Bundle of Shiplap lumber for trailer flooring

Custom Flooring

Using our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Stockton, AL, we can create virtually any lumber

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Tie Slats in Moving Truck

Tie Slats

To outfit your fleet you need every detail covered, from durable flooring to tie

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Truck Body Scuff Boards

Scuff Boards

Your fleet’s scuff boards need to be able to withstand the abuse from the

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Laminated Flooring

Laminated Trailer Flooring

We use our high performance Malaysian hardwoods to create a superior laminated flooring for

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Military Trucks


OHC has provided Apitong/Keruing flooring for the military since the 1970s. In 1998, the

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Truck Body

Truck Body

Nobody offers better truck body flooring components than OHC. Our decades of knowledge and

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Platform Trailer


Our heavy duty platform trailer flooring is the best of the best. Your trailers

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Plywood Van Liner

Van Liner

Our reputation as a leader in the transportation industry is built on our ability

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flatbed trailer

Flatbed Flooring

We’re proud to provide our custom-designed, patented Road-Load-Tested® flooring for flatbed trailers. This exclusive

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Trespa Pura NFC Launches New Tropical Ipe Siding Line

Trespa Pura NFC has recently come out with the exciting news that it will be adding a new option to its siding line: Tropical Ipe. Similar to the hardwood Ipe in its appearance and durability, this siding features a mix of reddish brown hues so as to look…