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The name “Teak” evokes a certain quality and prestige, and for good reason. Long regarded as the gold standard of tropical hardwoods for yachts and other high-end sportfishing boats, Overseas Hardwoods Company uses only 100%  Burmese Mountain Teak, the most stable and consistent Teak in the world. This exceptional lumber species is responsibly harvested from old-growth trees, and available in a wide variety of lengths and widths – quartersawn or flatsawn – to elevate any watercraft to pure perfection.

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Why Burmese Teak Is Perfect for your Next Yacht Or Sport Fishing Boat

There’s a reason why we call Burmese Teak the “King” of hardwoods. It is unmatched in almost every aspect of hardwood decking. For 2,000 years, it has been a highly trusted wood product because of its beauty, strength, and workability. Working with this hardwood comes with a high…

How Do You Know You Aren’t Using Illegally Harvested Teak?

At OHC, we hold ethics and quality to the highest standard. It’s the common thread that runs through every level of our business — from our relationships with suppliers overseas to the final product we offer our clients. This focus on ethics and quality is no different with…

We source the best for your boat.

When using lumber for custom boat building, you need piece of mind. That’s why OHC sources only the highest quality Burmese Mountain Teak along with Lloyds of London Certified Marine Grade Plywood that achieves the BS-1088 standard. There’s no second guessing.

We care about craftsmanship.

It takes a true craftsman to design and build custom boats using wood products. We meticulously select and manufacture products in the dimensions and species best suited for marine applications. Since we carry them in stock, the quality lumber products you need are ready to be delivered.

You design it. We can manufacture it.

OHC manufactures custom, high performance products in our own manufacturing facility.  We use Woods and Leadermac moulders, specialty trim and rip saws, table shapers, sanders and routers. We can machine almost anything you can dream up for your yacht or sport fishing boat.

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