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Developed in Norway, Kebony is a lumber product modified through a patented process that enhances the properties of softwoods with a bio-based liquid. The process permanently modifies the wood cell walls, giving Kebony improved durability and a rich brown color throughout in two basic steps:

Step 1: Impregnation
Impregnation is the process in which the wood is infused in furfuryl alcohol produced from a bio-based liquid to make it dimensionally stable.

Step 2: Curing and Drying
After impregnation, the wood is heated, also known as curing. The resulting polymer, which is now permanently locked into the wood cells, is stable and will not disintegrate or leach out of the wood.


Kebony® Clear decking is engineered to handle the harshest of conditions. The rich brown color and clear grain are designed to impress, while remarkable durability and a 30-year rot & decay warranty provide supreme peace of mind. Whether you maintain the original color or let Kebony Clear naturally patina, your project will amaze for decades to come.

Where to buy Kebony Decking
Kebony Cladding


Kebony Cladding is a perfect fit for residential and commercial siding applications. The uniform color will naturally patina over time. Kebony cladding also comes with a 30 year rot warranty, ensuring the beauty of your best projects for decades to come.


Click-in Cladding™ is a new rainscreen system that utilizes a special cladding profile, expressly designed for the Grad™ Mini Rail system, which precisely locks the Kebony Cladding Board into place quickly and easily. See below for some highlits of the Kebony Grad System Click-In Cladding:

  • Proven, easy to install rail system
  • Super-fast, click-in installation
  • Built in rainscreen air space
  • Long lasting wood cladding
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