For a truly stunning and long-lasting outdoor project, Ipé (pronounced ee-pay) may be the answer. Grown in Brazil, its heartwood ranges from olive brown to blackish with lighter or darker striping. It’s extremely resistant to attack by decay fungus and insects, and is very durable, commonly seen with a lifespan of 30-75 years. Ipé is low-maintenance, requiring little more than an annual application of a UV protectorate, or if desired, skip the application and enjoy the beautiful natural silver patina that will result.


Trespa Pura NFC Launches New Tropical Ipe Siding Line

Trespa Pura NFC has recently come out with the exciting news that it will be adding a new option to its siding line: Tropical Ipe. Similar to the hardwood Ipe in its appearance and durability, this siding features a mix of reddish brown hues so as to look…

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