Our White Limba is harvested in Tropical West Africa and is commonly used in Millwork products such as furniture, veeners, musical instruments, and turned objects. White Limba is rated as non-durable and has poor insect/borer resistance. White Limba’s heartwood is a light yellowish to golden brown, sometimes with gray to nearly black streaks and veins, darkening with age. Grain is straight to slightly interlocked; coarse, uniform texture with moderate natural luster.


  • Select & Better
  • Mixed Grain
  • 4/4 Thickness


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Jess Fulcher Millwork Outside Sales


Millwork Outside Sales

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Jess is originally from Dallas Texas and has been working in the lumber industry for 41 years. Throughout his career, Jess has lived in Bolivia and spent much time traveling throughout South America.

Bob Williams Millwork Outside Sales


Millwork Outside Sales

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Born in Missouri, Bob has lived in Kansas for the last 52 years. Bob has been working in the lumber industry since 1976 and even sold lumber to the Prime Minister of Japan for his own personal aircraft.