European Beech is harvested across Europe and is most widely known and appreciated for its cooperative steam bending characteristics.  The color is a pale straw/light yellow, sometimes with a pink or brown hue.  Grain is straight with a fine to medium uniform texture and moderate natural luster.  European Beech is most commonly used  for veneer, flooring, doors, furniture, cabinets, crates and boxes, and turned objects.  Overall easy to work, glues, nails, screws well, with excellent finishing results.


  • 4/4, 6/4, 8/4
  • Superior Color – Predominantly defect-free
  • Superior CND (Color No Defect) – Predominantly defect-free
  • Cabinet Color CND – Knots are allowed


European Beech –  Superior Color
Predominantly Defect-Free
Selected for uniformed color

European Beech – CND (Color No Defect) 
Predominantly Defect-Free
Selected for color, however color variances are allowed


 European Beech – Cabinet Color CND (Color No Defect
Through and through, knots are allowed
Not selected for color


OHC Acquires Woods Unlimited in San Leandro, CA, Expanding Customer Reach with Apitong Trailer Flooring

Overseas Hardwoods Company (OHC), an importer and distributor of High-Performance Lumber Products since 1967, for the transportation, outdoor living, millwork, and marine industries, has acquired Woods Unlimited (Oakland, CA), a hardwood importer and distributor of transportation flooring and components. “We are thrilled to join forces with Woods Unlimited and…

OHC Picks up Inaugural Award from Fontaine Trailer

Fontaine Trailer presents the Fontaine Trailer Supply Partner Excellence Award to Overseas Hardwoods Company (OHC).  This is the first ever award for Fontaine to present to a vendor.  OHC is a supplier of imported High Performance Lumber Products, including the Apitong that Fontaine installs on their platform trailers….

“God made the Apitong tree just for trailer bed flooring.” – listen to the podcast here!

“God made the Apitong tree just for trailer bed flooring.” And that’s how Overseas Hardwoods Company began! Overseas Hardwoods Company has imported and manufactured hardwood lumber for over 50 years. Now run by the 3rd generation of Robinsons, OHC continues to grow and serve more of our customers’…

A Word From our President Regarding the Operation Status of OHC

Dear Customers, During this unprecedented time, OHC wishes good health and safe keeping to all. We are proud to see Americans coming together with a common goal to combat this virus and thwart its adverse effects on our economy. During past times of war and economic upheaval, Americans…

OHC Statement Regarding COVID-19

Dear Customers, Overseas Hardwoods Company (OHC) is closely monitoring the impact and progression ofCOVID-19 (Coronavirus) and are adhering to recommendations from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), as well as, the World Health Organization (WHO). As always, our primary concern is the health and safety of…

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