Plywood Van Liner

Our reputation as a leader in the transportation industry is built on our ability to consistently offer the highest quality products, custom milled for our customers, in a timely manner. Our plywood van liners are no different. The Apitong/Keruing plywood we produce offers a 30% better strength-to-weight ratio in both 6.0 and 9.0 mm thicknesses than traditional Pine plywood products, so you can be assured that your liner will endure all the wear and tear your operators and cargo can dish out.

Our products have a personal touch.

We don’t leave anything up to chance. That’s why our executives and team members personally travel to Southeast Asia periodically to visit mills, inspect harvesting practices, and establish relationships. In fact, our purchasing procedures include Chain of Custody documentation with every shipment.

We ship anywhere in the United States.

From Southeast Asia to your company’s doorstep, we handle all of the logistics in between. Our Apitong / Keruing is unloaded and inspected by our team as soon as it arrives in the Port of Mobile, then transported directly to our Stockton manufacturing facility to avoid excessive damage.

You design it. We machine it.

You can rely on us to make any pattern or profile you require. Our 100,000 sq. ft. manufacturing facility allows us to custom mill any species from 4’ to 55’ long and almost any thickness and width. From ripping to drilling to finger-jointing, we have your project covered.


OHC Lufkin Warehouse

OHC Welcomes Rocky Thigpen, Lufkin’s New Warehouse Manager

OHC has recently moved into its new 147,000 square foot warehouse in Lufkin, Texas in order to accommodate the addition of 2 million board feet of lumber that came with the Sitco acquisition. The new warehouse will contain a fully functional Millwork division of OHC with all of the manufacturing capabilities…

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