RLT LogoWhat is Road Load Tested Flooring?

Our Road Load Tested® (RLT) Flooring is an engineered product backed by a patented production process and Just In Time service, which doubles floor life, slashes maintenance costs in half, and improves safety for operators. This innovative product also benefits operators and manufacturers with reliable quality, less out-of-service time and faster flooring installation.

RLT Trailer Flooring

1) Selection

All planks selected for manufacturing into RLT Flooring must meet our stringent criteria. Once selected, the hardwoods are transported to OHC’s manufacturing facility in Stockton, AL, USA, where we maintain a large inventory.

2) Kit Design

Road Load Tested Flooring kits are designed to match the specifications of trailer manufacturers to retrofit existing trailers, construct new trailers, or for custom designs for all sizes of trailers and application types.

3) Patented Manufacturing Process

RLT Flooring is produced in a patented process that delivers one-piece trailer length planks with consistent strength throughout the plank. The trailer length planks eliminate over 50 interior board ends and 100 screw holes that can create maintenance problems and damage-prone areas in conventional trailer flooring.

4) Proof Load Testing

RLT Flooring is tested for strength during the manufacturing process, and only RLT planks that have passed rigid proof testing are accepted.

5) Branding Certification

RLT Flooring is marked with the RLT® brand once it has passed testing and inspections.  Only RLT flooring produced by OHC can carry the RLT brand

6) Inventory

RLT Flooring is inventoried for prompt shipment to customers. We’ve made hundreds of Just In Time shipments of RLT flooring from its inventory since we created it in 1991.

7) On-the-Road Monitoring

RLT Flooring is monitored in on-the-road service. We track the performance of RLT Flooring with carriers, distributors, and manufacturers and prepare “RLT Road Reports” on its performance.

8) OHC Services

  • Flooring manufactured specifically to your design
  • Custom design services
  • Just In Time delivery
  • Application assistance