OHC expertly sources the world’s best lumber for marine applications, from 100% Burmese Mountain Teak for yacht decking and sportfishing coverboards, to Ipé, Cumaru, Garapa, and Tigerwood for docks, to lightweight but durable Marine Grade Plywood. All of our marine lumber is sought after for both beauty and the ability to withstand the elements, and our precision milling capabilities allow us to perfectly create elements for customers’ watercraft according to their specs.

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Marine Grade Plywood

There are few materials in shipbuilding that are as versatile as marine-grade plywood. Whether it’s needed for construction or repair,…more

Tall Sailing Ships: The Peacemaker

In 1986 a Brazilian industrialist had a dream to build a three-masted staysail schooner. Handsome, powerful, and iconic, Peacemaker (originally christened Avany) was built…more

Wood for Boats

The earliest boats go back 8,000 years ago, starting with dugout canoes. Those early dugout canoes ignited a desire to…more

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