“God made the Apitong tree just for trailer bed flooring.” – listen to the podcast here!

“God made the Apitong tree just for trailer bed flooring.” And that’s how Overseas Hardwoods Company began!

Overseas Hardwoods Company has imported and manufactured hardwood lumber for over 50 years. Now run by the 3rd generation of Robinsons, OHC continues to grow and serve more of our customers’ needs.
One of the 4 siblings running OHC, V.P., Luckett Robinson sat down with Cam Marston on his podcast, “What’s Working with Cam Marston” to discuss not only how OHC began, but the ins and outs of lumber importing.

The Robinsons got their start in the lumber industry back in 1916 when their great grandfather Mr. Lee Robinson bought the Mobile River Sawmill with his brother Luckett in South Alabama milling southern hardwoods, including white and red oak. When Lee’s son Lee entered the business in the 1950’s, he learned about Apitong/Keruing being used in Europe. As Mr. Robinson did his research and learned how durable and long lasting these trailer beds were, he said, “God made the Apitong tree just for trailer bed flooring.”
Lee then started Overseas Hardwoods Company in 1967 and now, more than 50 years later, the business continues with the 3rd generation.
Timber is the 3rd most renewable natural resource and as lumbermen who make our living importing lumber, we take seriously whom we form relationships with overseas to promote the responsible sourcing of lumber. We hope to carry on the tradition of our family business, so we choose our foreign suppliers carefully.
Lumbermen are the biggest environmentalists you can find! We want to pass on a business for future generations. That can only happen if we do our part to support sustainable harvesting of lumber.

Listen to the whole podcast here. You’ll hear stories of what it’s like to visit international sawmills, some of the landmarks that our lumber has been used in, and how 4 Robinsons bring their different skill sets to the table to run a successful lumber importing business.
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