Live Oak Landing Docks

Live Oak Landing, located near Mobile, AL, was purchased from private owners by Baldwin County in 2012 as a means to protect and conserve coastal habitats, and also to provide recreational and educational opportunities. Its verdant 318 acres are home to a wide variety of flora and fauna, from Glossy Ibis to turtles to old-growth Live Oak trees with evocative Spanish Moss, all of which combine to create a beautifully Southern tableau.

This relatively new county recreational area has already become known as one of the best fishing launches in the county, hosting high-stakes bass fishing tournaments. There’s something for everyone at Live Oak Landing – a nearby pond has even hosted fishing tournaments for disabled children.

The county parks department decided that if Live Oak Landing was to become a premier fishing spot, the boat launches, fishing piers and docks would have to be of the best quality. However, these projects had to make financial sense, as well as being handsome and structurally sound.

With 12 floating docks, 4 launches, and 2 large pavillions, Live Oak Landing is an excellent place for family outings both on and off the water, as well as the perfect place to start a young angler fishing.


Ipe from Overseas Hardwoods Company was determined to be the best species for the project.

Ipe, an exotic Brazilian hardwood, is known for its longevity and aesthetics, and is able to withstand wet conditions while resisting rot, making it a perfect species for docks and piers. Ipe is more expensive than pressure-treated wood, but the lifetime of an Ipe structure is approximately 30 years, compared to the 10 or so years a pressure-treated lumber structure might last.

When considering the longevity and durability of Ipe, it’s easily found to be the most cost-effective choice.

Besides its excellent weathering characteristics, Ipe is a beautiful wood species, with color ranging from a olive or yellowish brown to reddish brown, with a fine texture and a rich natural luster, and can also be allowed to grey to a regal silver patina. At Live Oak Landing, OHC Ipe was used to craft distinguished-looking fishing piers, floating docks, and a lovely boat launch, creating the perfect environment to relax, have fun, and reel in a big one!