Marine Grade Plywood

There are few materials in shipbuilding that are as versatile as marine-grade plywood. Whether it’s needed for construction or repair, for a craft from an 8-foot skiff to a 65-foot yacht, Overseas Hardwoods Company has the plywood solution for any boating application.

OHC’s marine-grade plywood is made of Okoume wood with no filler material. In some lower-quality plywood another wood species is used as filler, but that type of plywood simply isn’t high enough quality to meet OHC standards. All of OHC’s Okoume marine-grade plywood is BS-1088  certified, which means this plywood is manufactured to the highest standards approved by Lloyd’s of London, the premium insurance underwriter in the world.

Okoume is a superb choice for marine-grade plywood not just for its high quality, but also for its good looks. When used in repairs on Mahogany or Meranti boats, the grain pattern blends in, creating a consistent, flawless look.

OHC carries eight different sizes of marine-grade plywood for everything from high-end custom kayak or canoe to a large yacht. The 4×8’ sheets are available in six different thicknesses, and the 5×10’ sheets are available in two different thicknesses. Small watercraft builders may utilize the 4mm plywood, as it bends and shapes easily without cracking, and increases buoyancy. Yacht and larger watercraft builders might be more interested in the 12-25mm plywood for a durable hull, to withstand larger waves or a treacherous, rocky passage.

For building, marine-grade plywood can be used over the boat’s ribbing, creating the outer shell of the boat. Choosing plywood over planking means less seams to fill which creates a streamlined and more efficient building process. A plywood hull can also be lighter weight than planking, which is particularly helpful for smaller watercraft, as it increases buoyancy and makes it easier to haul.

Marine-grade plywood also proves itself useful for repairs. The rotten, moldy, or damaged area can be cut out and a patch can be crafted using the plywood. If constructed and sealed properly, the repair can make the watercraft as good as new.

Besides boating, marine grade plywood can be used for other applications. It can be used for a dock or lake platform, as the plywood can be nailed or screwed together and then properly sealed. Another possible application is kitchen or bathroom walls and subflooring. Marine grade plywood can withstand the occasional splashes, spills, and leaks that are common to these rooms, without rotting or warping like regular plywood. Exterior signs also benefit from being made of marine grade plywood. Marine grade plywood can withstand the elements, from strong winds to rain, sleet and snow, without degrading like traditional plywood.

Whether a big or small project, from boats to homes to docks and more, and whether for new construction or a repair, Overseas Hardwoods Company’s marine-grade plywood is the quality solution for strength and durability.