Why Burmese Teak Is Perfect for your Next Yacht Or Sport Fishing Boat

There’s a reason why we call Burmese Teak the “King” of hardwoods. It is unmatched in almost every aspect of hardwood decking. For 2,000 years, it has been a highly trusted wood product because of its beauty, strength, and workability.

Working with this hardwood comes with a high price tag. But, if you are building a luxury boat you can’t get better than Burmese Teak.

At OHC, we work exclusively with specific mills in Burma to bring you the best cuts and quality of Teak. Our 30+ years of working with material in the marine business allow us to confidently say that the Burmese Teak we offer is of the highest quality.

Here are the top reasons why Burmese Teak is a perfect choice when it comes to yachts and sport fishing boats:

1. Burmese Teak won’t corrode when it comes in contact with steel

This is a characteristic that is rarely found in hardwoods. Burmese Teak is ideal for uses like railing, cabins, and decks because it won’t deteriorate when it is in contact with metal for long amounts of time. This gives you a longer-lasting product for your boat and one that will hold on to its original beauty much longer than other wood species.

2. Burmese Teak has impressive water resistance

Teak’s ability to resist water comes from the unique oil that is inside the lumber. When water penetrates the boards, the oil expels the moisture. Because Teak doesn’t absorb water like other wood species, it will hold onto its original integrity – even when regularly exposed to salt water.

3. Burmese Teak is highly resistant to rot, insect infestation, and decay

For material on boats, this is huge. Compared to the competition, Burmese Teak holds up much better when exposed to the elements of salt water, sun, and rain. If you’re building a multi-million dollar yacht or a custom fishing boat, you want wood that won’t deteriorate and leave the rest of your boat vulnerable to damage.


4. Burmese Teak is incredibly stable

The stability of Teak goes back to its resistance to water. Because it does not absorb much moisture (if at all), it won’t expand and contract like other boards will. In fact, even when submerged in water for days, Burmese Teak will have little change in dimension.

5. Burmese Teak is beautiful

Building your luxury boat with Burmese Teak not only guarantees a durable end product, but it brings the aesthetics of your boat to another level. It boasts tight wood grain with few knots. The coloring ranges from golden-brown to olive that will turn to an attractive silver patina over time if left alone. In addition, Burmese Teak is a photosensitive wood. This means that any inconsistencies in color will even out when exposed to the sun.

Overall, the beauty, stability, and durability of Burmese Teak lumber make it impossible to beat. If you are looking for the very best for your luxury yacht or sport fishing boat, Burmese Teak will provide a quality and aesthetic that is unmatched by any other material.