OHC Statement Regarding COVID-19

Dear Customers,

Overseas Hardwoods Company (OHC) is closely monitoring the impact and progression ofCOVID-19 (Coronavirus) and are adhering to recommendations from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), as well as, the World Health Organization (WHO).

As always, our primary concern is the health and safety of our employees, our surrounding communities, customers, vendors, and transportation partners. As such, OHC is vigilant of proper preparedness for the challenges and diligently focused on and education required to limit the spread as well as combat the effects of this virus. Therefore, OHC has implemented the following during this outbreak:

Hygiene and Social Awareness:
• In addition to posted literature to use proper hygiene, regular hygiene reminders are stressed throughout our facilities.
• Sanitation stations increased throughout the organization for convenient use.
• Scheduled cleaning and sanitizing protocols are modified to allow for concurrent cleaning throughout shifts with focus on high touch areas.
• Social distancing practices.
o Clock in stations are decentralized to prevent congregation.
o Breaks are staggered limiting to small groups.
o Maintaining 6' distance between employees. Any position requiring closer proximities will utilize proper personal protection gear.
o Heightened awareness of interaction with truck drivers, calls for more restrictive protocols limiting driver access to plant and personnel.

Facilities Access Restrictions:
• During this trying period, visitation to our facilities will be restricted to essential business only. All visitors must be pre-approved and will provide Facility Access Agreement form prior to visit approval.
• Increased telecommunication meetings are available versus face to face. Please send any request to maryannb@ohc.net.
• Employees capable of working remotely will be asked to do so.

• All non-essential travel postponed until virus is under control.
• Any travel must be approved by Executive Management Team.

• CDC and WHO will be posted and distributed to employees.
• As this fluid situation evolves, customers will be provided update pertaining to delays, closings, impact of state and federal mandates, or any other impactful information pertinent to continuation of business.

Remote Illness:
• Any employee illustrating signs of illness will not be allowed on the premises and must contact his/her physician to get proper necessary care. Employee must meet protocol for returning to work.

OHC sends it thoughts and prayers to people across the world directly and indirectly impacted by these truly unprecedented times and wish good health and welfare to all. We stand on high alert to manage through this crisis and will be stronger and well positioned when it is over.

T. Lee Robinson, JR