Why Tigerwood Decking?

Tigerwood Decking from Overseas Hardwoods Company

Tigerwood, simply put, is one of the most beautiful hardwoods in the world. Its beauty, what truly distinguishes Tigerwood, comes from richly mottled, blackish-brown streaks spaced randomly in many boards–its tiger-striping. With golden-brown hues to deep reddish-brown color,the grain is wavy with alternating layers and a fine texture.

Tigerwood is not only valued for its high-class appearance. It is also very dense, strong, and hard. This translates into a very durable deck that will last 25 plus years. It is highly resistant to moisture and insects. Tigerwood’s strength and exceptional elegance combine to make a deck that will stand out.

A word of caution with Tigerwood — OHC only sells Tigerwood that is kiln-dried. If Tigerwood is not seasoned correctly, it has the tendency to warp or check in an air-dried condition. But when dried correctly, Tigerwood is dimensionally stable with little movement in service.

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