OHC Visits Rome, Ipe Comes as No Surprise

Rome is an ancient oasis of human history and home of the Roman Colosseum, one of Rome’s most popular tourist attractions. To be precise it attracts about 3.9 million visitors each year. That boils down to 7.8 million feet and about one billion three hundred twenty-six million lbs of foot traffic traveling through the colosseum annually. Being such an old yet valuable piece of human history, engineers have found the best possible solutions to protect and maintain the colosseum’s integrity. While visiting, OHC was happy yet not surprised to see the use of Ipe (Ipé) to guide tourists along a nearly indestructible path of site seeing. Ipe, a product sold and manufactured by OHC, is one of the most dense wood species in the world. Ipe has been nicknamed “Iron wood.” From ancient Rome across the world to the United States, Ipe, aesthetically beautiful and equally strong, is being used and trusted for the most rugged applications.

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