Dasso Bamboo Decking

Alongside the Chattahoochee River in Atlanta, Georgia, within the piney woods of a quiet neighborhood, sits a beautiful home clad with bamboo features. Along the rear of the home with a view over the river lies an expansive deck and porch, which is covered in fused bamboo decking by DassoXTR. After researching and comparing decking options, the homeowner came across DassoXTR. Developed using a unique process of combining 87% bamboo fibers (the most sustainable wood species in the world) and 13% phenolic resin (the same used for bowling balls), DassoXTR is a durable bamboo product designed specifically for outdoor applications.

Fused Bamboo Decking

The end result is a dense, beautiful, long lasting product that is resistant to bacteria, fungus, mold, and bugs. The boards are 6' end-matched making the installation quick and easy while reducing waste. All of these factors make DassoXTR one of the most innovative decking products on the market, which is exactly what these discerning homeowners were looking for.

Bamboo Decking
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