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At OHC we operate on more than 400,000 square feet of manufacturing space and can handle lumber from 4’ to 55’ with our custom machines and equipment designed to deliver the lowest cost to our customers. With sanding and precision end trimming, as well as pre-drilling and the capability to mill any profile you need; OHC can deliver on all of your manufacturing needs.

Our manufacturing capabilities include gluing, moulding, finger-jointing, precision- end-trimming, ripping, re-sawing, sanding, planing, drilling and our latest value-added service – CNC machining capabilities for those specific and intricate details.

See below for more details on some of our superior manufacturing services and capabilities.


Our moulding capabilities include trim, crown moulding, grooved decking, tongue and groove flooring, shiplap, rainscreen, tex gap, hand rail, and almost anything else you can imagine. We have highly skilled machinists who have the capability to create knives to manufacturer almost any custom profile you desire.


Our precision end trimming capabilities allow us to produce specific lengths +/- 1/16 of an inch manufactured in a factory setting at an extremely high tolerance. This capability has allowed trailer manufacturers to purchase drop-in flooring and eliminate skil-saws on the production line. Floating dock manufacturers and commercial boardwalk installers also utilize precision end trimming to increase their production rates, decrease work and labor costs, and make their work place safer.


Surfacing is a value added service that we offer. We have the capabilities to S2S and S4S so that you get smooth and uniform lumber delivered directly to you. We can surface lumber to get the exact thickness you need. This means that you get your lumber delivered project-ready, saving you time on unnecessary prep work.


Our straight line ripping machines allow us to manufacture straight edge lumber, creating the clean lines needed for those intricate projects where precision is essential.


Sanding is a value added service that allows us to produce a paint grade finish for many of the products we supply, eliminating the prep-work time for you. We sand both faces of our top surface decking through our wide belt sanders. This allows our customers to take our product straight from the delivery truck to the finishing department for immediate painting or sealing.


Our high-capacity drill presses can drill up to ten holes at one time, making your installation process faster and smoother. We can pre-drill holes as well as counter sink for anything from floor sills and refrigerated vans to pre-drilled decking. Our team pre-drilled the Ipe for the reconstruction of the Alabama Gulf State Pier. This included 100,000 pre-drilled and counter sunk holes in the decking as well as 20,000 pre-drilled holes in the balusters. We also have pre-drilled 4x4's for cable railing applications. For the transportation industry, we have pre-drilled trailer flooring for drop in hardware. All these applications save our customers time and money, making their job easier and more profitable at the job site.