Platform Trailer Flooring

Heavy-Duty Platform Trailer Flooring Manufactured by OHC

OHC Platform Trailer Flooring

The trailer market categorizes trailers based on their designed use. One such category is Platform trailers. The definition for Platform trailers is trailers and truck bodies typically without walls, subject to constant loading and unloading, and exposed to all weather. What makes trailer/truck body manufacturers choose our platform trailer flooring over ones made of other woods?

The platform trailer floors we manufacture include flatbeds, dropdecks, and lowboys. Because each type of platform trailers has different flooring options with unique characteristics and sizes, we specialize in milling to your specs:

We offer Apitong / Keruing floors for all platform trailers. This sustainably harvested hardwood is proven to last in any weather and even in the most rugged conditions. Customers who purchase our Apitong platform trailer flooring experience less repairs, maintenance, and liability issues. Why? Because Apitong flooring is tailor made for heavy-duty use.

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