Introducing Angelique and Mandio Hardwoods for Lowboy Trailer Flooring & Industrial Use


 Angelique and Mandio Hardwoods are Ideal for Crane Mats & Lowboy Trailer Floors

The demand for domestic hardwoods like red and white oak continues to grow. For instance, the price of Low Grade White Oak has increased in price between 35 – 40% in the last 24 months. Through the winter and summer, the Hardwood Market Report continually reported higher white oak prices and demand exceeding supply in many regions of the United States.

This spike in demand can be attributed to factors like the booming oil and gas activity in states like North Dakota, Oklahoma, and Louisiana. Manufacturers in these states require hardwoods for many of the vehicles that help service the energy industry. As a result, shortages in domestic hardwood production has seen prices for low grade dense hardwoods skyrocket and remains well above available supply. The critical shortage in low-grade domestic hardwoods like white oak means manufacturers are in need of alternative species.

OHC Offers You the Solution to the Domestic Hardwood Shortage

With our extensive experience and long list of reliable contacts worldwide – OHC imported two excellent and cost effective alternatives to fill the void.

  1. Angelique (Dicorynia Guianensis spp.)
  2. Mandio (Qualea spp.)

Use these superior, dense hardwoods for:

Angelique and Mandio compare favorably to oak in strength, density and hardness. These species can perform well in standard applications that rely on white oak such as lowboys and crane mats, or any heavy-duty / industrial applications.

DETAILS: Both species are 25-30% more cost effective than Apitong/Keruing and available in Vehicular Grade and Fixed Widths.

How Do Angelique and Mandio Compare to Oak and Apitong?

This table highlights how these Angelique and Mandio hardwoods are fine alternatives to traditional Oak trailer flooring. For intense industrial applications like crane mats, both of these hardwoods are excellent alternatives to domestic woods.

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Get on Board with OHC

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