Customers Discuss Their Success With OHC Meranti

Meranti Millwork

At OHC, we pride ourselves on delivering high-performance lumber products like Meranti to millwork and boat building shops throughout the United States. However, before any bundles get loaded onto the trailer, we make sure our customers are educated about our products to ensure our recommendations are the right fit for their business. This is why we take the time to educate customers on the benefits and features of lumber products like OHC Meranti. The relationship and trust we build during this time enables our customers to feel confident about making the switch from Spanish Cedar, Western Red Cedar, Sapele, African Mahogany, and Red Grandis to OHC Meranti.

OHC Meranti Success Stories

Here are some of the responses we've received from our customers:

"We tried Nemesu Meranti for the first time back in July of 2014 and absolutely love it.  The species lays flat, resaws great, takes stain well and paint superbly.  Previously we had utilized mainly Sapele for our stain grade doors and have now switched over 100% to Nemesu and all together stopped buying Sapele.  The material is plump in thickness and is easier on our tooling than Sapele.  It's been our experience that OHC's tallies are always accurate and they are very professional in how they go about doing business.  We could not be more pleased with the quality of OHC's Nemesu. We are finding more and more that we are using less and less of Spanish Cedar and replacing it with Nemesu.  It truly is a dual purpose lumber in the fact that it looks gorgeous stained or painted."

- Pete Tully with Tully Woodworks

"We were utilizing both Plantation Spanish Cedar and South American Spanish Cedar.  The cost of Spanish Cedar is way too expensive, the quality and grade is horrible, and the supply chain is not reliable from week to week.  Seraya Meranti is far superior in quality to Spanish Cedar and it's not even close or debatable in my opinion. OHC's Meranti is 8' & longer and 6" & wider.  It lays flat, does not warp, twist or bow.  I love the fact that it does not have all those pin knots like Spanish Cedar.  Partnering up with OHC back in 2014 has been the best thing that could have happened to Alpine Woodworks. Our yield on our Meranti is running around 82% in comparison to around 65% at best with Spanish Cedar.  Our customers are happy with the Seraya doors we are making them and we are so glad we made the switch from Spanish Cedar to Meranti.  Our profits and yields are just outstanding compared to when we only utilized Spanish Cedar."

-Scott Le with Alpine Woodworks

"The quality of Spanish Cedar has become absolutely dreadful.  We had been hearing good things about Nemesu from one of our friendly competitors here in Baton Rouge so we decided to give it a try.  Much to our surprise that Nemesu Meranti is far superior than Spanish Cedar and it's not even close.  We have found that we can also utilize Nemesu in place of African Mahogany or Sapele.  It's stains out absolutely beautiful and paints great for us.  Nemesu is a home run because of superior quality, our yield is much better and now we don't have to stock 3 different species in Cedar, African Mahogany or Sapele."
-Shawn with Trimco

"We previously had been using lots of Red Grandis in our door shop.  What we like about the Meranti versus Red Grandis is the plentiful amounts of 6/4, 8/4 and 10/4 that OHC stocks.  Red Grandis is not always available in 6/4 and 8/4 in the amounts or lengths we need and you can't even buy 10/4 in Red Grandis. Meranti looks real nice stained but it also paints well."
-Angie Nguyen with United Millwork

"We have built some real pretty mahogany type looking doors out of both Seraya and Nemesu.  We love the fact that we can order 10/4 in both species because we like to resaw a lot of our lumber.  I would also have to say Meranti makes a much prettier looking stained grade door than Red Grandis."
-Bubba with Deas Millwork

"We have been using Seraya Meranti primarily in our shutter shop since July of 2014.  My guys love it.  It took us a few orders to figure out how best to work with Seraya because it's a little heavier and denser than Spanish Cedar. However, we quickly figured out how best to machine it and have been very pleased with the quality of the material.  We also think Seraya builds a very attractive stain grade door.  Matter of fact, my business partner Mark has a stained Seraya entry door at his house. I'm projecting we will utilize around 6 tractor trailer loads of Seraya by the end of 2015."
-Scott Tarranto with New Orleans Millwork

"I've been using Seraya in place of African Mahogany.  I think the Seraya is prettier and much easier to work with.  In my opinion African Mahogany is just too difficult to work with.  I've also utilized the Seraya in place of some Spanish Cedar painted applications and thought it worked very well in that application.  I predict as the year goes on we will be utilizing more Seraya in the years to come."
-Son Nguyen with Sun Millworks

"I'll be the first to admit I was scared to try a new species in our millwork shop.  We had an awful experience with Banak years ago and I've been gun shy ever since.  We gave Seraya Meranti a try and liked how it worked out for us.  I tried every thing possible to find something wrong with this species and not like it but all in all I think the quality of that lumber is very good.  We've probably purchased over 10,000 BF of it now and it's working out good for us.  We keep buying more and more of it as the months go by.  We like working with OHC too because they don't try to cheat us on our tallies."
-Dusty Arnold with Heritage Millwork