The Right Flooring for U.S. Military Trailers

Overseas Hardwoods Company has enjoyed decades-long relationships with many businesses and organizations but one of the most enduring and rewarding is our relationship with the United States Military.

Several decades ago the Army came to us looking for trailer flooring. They needed trailer flooring that would perform under the constant loading and unloading, take a beating and continue to the mission, reduce maintenance cost, provide safe working area, be used to carry immense loads, and would be durable enough to last for years.

The Army (and later the Air Force, Navy and Marines) discovered that Overseas Hardwoods Company’s Road Load Tested® (RLT) was the ideal trailer flooring. RLT uses a patented process along with proprietary techniques to create continuous boards up to 53’ long which eliminates interior board end and increases the overall strength of the floor system. Utilizing full trailer length floors created a more economical way to customize a floor to fit specific cavities of any trailer. Every lineal foot of RLT is machine stress rated to meet Truck Trailer Manufacturers Association’s recommended practices for load rating.

We’ve provided kits to the military, which they installed in their trailer prototypes and then tested extensively at the Aberdeen Proving Ground in Maryland. After their comprehensive testing showed that RLT was unequaled in strength and durability, the US Armed Forces made the performance of RLT the standard for their trailer flooring for newly manufactuered trailers, repairing and for retrofitting (complete overhaul). Many of the military’s trailers are shipped overseas to command posts where they’ll haul everything– from tanks, Humvees, trucks, and other heavy equipment, to building products, supplies, and personnel gear.

The United States Military specifies our RLT Apitong decking because of its heavy duty, superior abrasion resistance, and it is a stronger, more durable trailer floor system that reduces maintenance and out of service time while providing a safer work environment for the troops. If a refurbishment is ever necessary, we quickly ship directly overseas, even to remote locations.

OHC is proud to provide High Performance Lumber Products to the men and women in our armed forces. Since 1992, we have maintained inventory and production allocation to meet rapid response time for our Military. We will continue to do our part to keep our military rolling and on the move so they can protect and defend the United States of America.