OHC Adds an Aero Conestoga Flatbed to Deliver High-Performance Lumber Products

OHC Offers Direct Shipping to Florida, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, Georgia & Texas


OHC Customers Save with Shipping Direct from the Manufacturer
OHC recently added an Aero Conestoga tarp system to its 48′ flatbed to improve delivery of its High-Performance Hardwood lumber products. OHC will begin bi-monthly deliveries to its markets throughout the South Eastern United States. The Aero Conestoga system allows OHC delivery personnel to deliver premium hardwoods in a safe, secure, and efficient manner to its customers.

Customers can now rely on OHC to deliver decking products on a routine schedule every other week. Some of the lumber and decking products we can deliver are:

OHC’s delivery service will provide delivery to markets in major southeastern cities and points in between via three primary lanes:

  1. Coastal Mississippi, New Orleans, Baton Rouge, Lafayette, Lake Charles, and Houston markets
  2. Montgomery, Birmingham, and Atlanta
  3. Pensacola, Destin, Tallahassee, Tampa, Sarasota, Naples, Orlando, Ft. Lauderdale, and Miami

OHC plans to add additional stops as this service develops.

Direct Shipping Equals Greater Cost Savings to OHC’s Valued Customers

In recent months, there has been a shortage of trucks for delivery of lumber products. As a result of this shortage, freight rates have risen sharply. In addition, LTL shipment costs can be more expensive when you combine the expenses of additional crating necessary to protect the cargo, as well as its disposal

OHC responded to these challenges by adding a regular delivery service for its customers. By consolidating LTL orders on one truck operated by OHC team members, OHC will:

  • Improve deliveries to its customers
  • Offer more stable and reasonable delivery prices
  • Eliminate the damage that typically accompanies LTL shipments

Bill Schaffer, Vice President of Sales for OHC, observed how this new delivery will improve service to OHC’s customers, “With continued regulatory as well as volatile economic demands on the transportation industry steadily increasing, the industry is faced with an acute driver shortage as well as limited service due to the imbalance of freight by region. We’ve decided to offer this service with our own equipment to help alleviate pressures on the demand for trucks in the Deep South and to give our customers consistent price and service during this time of uncertainty in the market.”

Get on Board with OHC

For more information on OHC’s new direct delivery system, email OHC or call: 1-800-999-7616