Look at Some of the High End Tools that can be Made From Meranti

Selected species of Meranti wood have long been prized for strength and durability for a variety of applications, like high-end yachts, furniture, millwork, and cabinetry.  However, Sands Level and Tools has found a surprising and beautiful new use for Meranti, also known as Philippine Mahogany, in its high-end tool collection.

Sands Level and Tools, a subsidiary of Kraft Tool Company, the largest level manufacturer in the United States, knew there was a market for beautiful, handmade, heirloom levels. It was no question that those levels would be made from Meranti, highlighted with brass or stainless steel accents.

Sands Level and Tools makes Meranti levels with a very specific customer in mind: an artisan-craftsman who takes the utmost pride in his or her work. Just imagine a high-end finish carpenter, shipwright, or master cabinet maker pulling out an uncommon and special showpiece tool on a job site. Talk about bragging rights!  http://www.krafttool.com/

Anyone who takes this much pride in their tools must be someone who cares about details and quality work.

Meranti was chosen not just for its beautiful grain pattern that shines with only a simple coat of lacquer, but also because it’s tough and durable. Unlike a level made with a softwood, a tool made of Meranti won’t dent when dropped, and is more likely to withstand dings and scratches.

These tools aren’t for everyone. Only the most skilled, most discerning craftsmen deserve a tool as special as this. These levels are made of the finest material to be used on the finest projects.