AWF Cook-Off

OHC Team places third in the AWF Wild Game Cook-Off!

OHC gives back to the communities it serves. Recently, OHC served as a sponsor to Alabama Wildlife Federation’s Wild Game Cook-Off at the Blue Gill Restaurant. The AWF is a great organization. AWF proudly calls itself the oldest and largest non-profit conservation group in Alabama. Its mission is to promote the conservation of wildlife and natural resources in Alabama through the wise use and responsible stewardship of our wildlife, forests, fish, soils, water and air. That’s a mission that OHC wholeheartedly supports and a team of OHC folks recently donated their time to enter their first, and certainly not their last, cooking competition.

While OHC personnel can boast that they are experts at manufacturing high-quality lumber products, they were rank amateurs in the highly popular, competitive cooking world. The team nevertheless overcame their inexperience and general lack of any cooking skills or training to place third in the seafood division. The team used teamwork to prepare “creamed oysters.” Creamed oysters are a rich and flavorful dish, including heavy doses of salt and spice, as well as a little dry sherry. It’s an old Robinson family recipe. The creamed oysters impressed the judges enough to place third!