Gulf Place Revitalization Project

The Gulf Place Revitalization is a project in Gulf Shores, Alabama was designed to improve one of the most prominent locations in Gulf Shores into a more usable area for people to come and enjoy. Amenities will include a public boardwalk on the beachside of the parking areas and public green space, walking paths, shade structures, restrooms, and attractive landscaping.  The revitalization project is dived into three phases, each adding a new and improved addition to the public beach area. The property currently offers a variety of activities that range from active to passive beach- and water-based recreation. The location is home to festivals and sports events and provides access to dining, shopping, and other tourism-supported businesses. Annual events held at the public beach attract over 350,000 visitors and generate an estimated regional economic impact exceeding $100,000,000. As part of the Gulf Place Revitalization, OHC provided Cumaru for the construction of two new buildings and boardwalks at Gulf Place. One building houses restrooms for beachgoers and the other is a home base for the lifeguards and other personnel that will work the beach area.

Cumaru was a perfect choice of lumber for this project because it has excellent durability and weathering properties, making it very resistant to decay. It is ideal to be used in a beach setting where constant sun exposure and weathering of the elements occur year round. It was used for siding on both of the new buildings as well as all of the stairs/decking and the boardwalk extending up from the beach. The advantages of using Cumaru for beachfront application are endless. The density of the wood makes it virtually impenetrable to rain and saltwater and it can also withstand long-term exposure to the sun without losing any of its structural integrity.


Relationships are key

We know there is no substitute for interacting with our suppliers in-person. In regards to Cumaru and the other hardwood products we offer, this is crucial to supplying high-quality and ethically-sourced products.

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