Orange Beach Marina Chooses Garapa Wood Decking

Orange Beach Marina recently installed Garapa wood decking for its renovation of its restaurant called Fisher’s at Orange Beach Marina. The marina was featured in the news as a destination spot in

 Garapa wood decking at Orange Beach Marina

Garapa wood was the ideal choice for this restaurant renovation. The owners wanted a durable wood deck that offers a luxurious dining experience without blowing the budget for the space and ultimately for its diners. Garapa offered the best highly durable wood deck at a reasonable cost.

Compared with commonly used treated Southern Yellow Pine, Garapa wood decking has almost double the bending strength (20,000 compared to 11,300 pounds), more than double the hardness (1,658 compared to 645 pounds), and almost double the specific gravity or density (0.82 compared to 0.45). These scientific measurements mean that Garapa decking will withstand the high foot traffic better than treated Southern Yellow Pine. Its hardness and density will enable it to withstand scratching and wear.

 Garapa wood hand rails at Orange Beach Marina

Moreover, Garapa decking is about 30-40% lower in price than other high-end hardwood decking products such as Ipe. Although garapa is very dense, it finishes well. The owners wanted the Garapa decking to have a darker tone than the yellow/brown hues natural to the species. To get this color, it was coated with Penofin. You can see from Fishermen’s Facebook page how the coating made the Garapa wood appear very similar to higher-priced Ipe decking.

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