Ipe is Being Used to Fireproof Homes

In the aftermath of the countless wildfires that burned throughout the West this year, new methods of preparation for events like these have come forward. Citizens of the west have begun fireproofing their homes in anticipation of further damage in years to come. Ipe has been mentioned specifically as a great material to be used as it is more resistant to fire than any other type of lumber. Ipe is said to burn at the same rate as stucco and can withstand contact with flames for hours. Using Ipe combined with other fire-resistant building materials can give your home a better chance in the case that there is a fire. Insurance companies have also become more aware of the real dangers of wildfires and taking these extra steps to protect your home can give you a better chance of getting insured.  To read the full USA Today article “Fireproof homes could be the answer to massive wildfires across the West” click the link below. To learn more about our Ipe and what it can do for your home visit our species page.