Custom Scanners at OHC

OHC continually improves its operations by upgrading equipment and technology so that we can exceed customer expectations. Custom scanners are the newest upgrade to be released from testing and introduced to the field at OHC’s plant in Stockton Alabama. The scanners have custom software written by Dorger Software Architects of Mobile Alabama. These scanners allow the plant to communicate inventory processes from the field to the corporate office and OHC’s inventory system. The new scanners reduce processing time and give a “real time” and accurate inventory. We can now prepare orders and quotes for our customers more quickly with more accurate inventory. The scanners are Motorola / Symbol brand. They utilize Windows CE and have built in Wifi. OHC retrofitted the entire manufacturing complex of buildings with Wifi to improve communication between all machine operators. The scanners perform a multitude of tasks such as Inventory Tag Inquiry, Receive Inventory, and Ship Inventory. With barcodes, the opportunity for human error from recording inventory is eliminated. We also use less paper. OHC will develop its scanner use for many more functions. The scanners are just the latest of many innovations OHC introduced to serve its customers at the lowest possible costs.

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