The Grad System

Grad Concept Inc. manufactures the best clip-on fastener system for cladding and decking available. Grad chooses quality products with unique technical solutions for an optimal, comfortable, and lasting result! OHC is proud to be the only company in North America with the manufacturing capability to mill a wide variety of products for use with The Grad® System. Some benefits of the system include:

100% hidden fastening system for the smoothest surface

Effortless installation - just snap the surface material onto the clips

No individual clip to screw - save on installation time and labour costs

20 year warranty


  • Save up to 50% on installation time with fewer people
  • 100% Hidden Fastener Solution
  • Boards are straight and gaps are even in a snap
  • Creates a perfect rainscreen system that allows constant air flow
Screenshot 2023-10-19 at 10.44.42 AM
Screenshot 2023-10-19 at 11.55.35 AM


  • Use over joists or straight onto hard surfaces
  • Use with pedestals or not
  • Over 20 types of surface materials allowed
  • 20-year warranty
  • Virtually maintenance free, high rot resistance, strong pull out resistance
  • Aluminum offers stability, durability, strength and stiffness


OHC is proud to have partnered with Grad® System to be the first manufacturer in North America with the Grad'ual RM10T Profiling Machine. With this state of the art machine we are able to mill a wide variety of our hardwood inventory for use with the Grad® Click In Siding & Decking systems. Click the link below for a free quote on any of our custom milled Grad® System products.

Grad Profiling Machine