Walnut us a domestic species grown in Central United States.  The color is medium brown with light streaks throughout.  It tends to have a straight grain pattern but can be wavy in some parts.  Walnut is a beautiful species usually used for millwork, furniture, and cabinets.


  • 4/4, 10/4 Thicknesses
  • Select & Better
  • Mixed Grain, Plain Sawn, Quarter Sawn

Sales Team

Jess Fulcher Millwork Outside Sales


Millwork Outside Sales

Phone: 214-563-3920

Jess is originally from Dallas, Texas and has been working in the lumber industry for 41 years. Throughout his career, Jess has lived in Bolivia and spent much time traveling throughout South America.

Joey Skinner Millwork Outside Sales


Millwork Outside Sales

Phone: (251) 236-0912

Joey enjoys tailgating with his wife and kids at LSU football games and supporting Tigers baseball.  In his spare time he is an avid SEC sports fanatic, loves cooking gourmet meals, gardening, watching live music, hunting, fishing, and helping others that are in a time of need.