Apitong Machining

OHC Acquires Woods Unlimited in San Leandro, CA, Expanding Customer Reach with Apitong Trailer Flooring

Overseas Hardwoods Company (OHC), an importer and distributor of High-Performance Lumber Products since 1967, for the transportation, outdoor living, millwork, and marine industries, has acquired Woods Unlimited (Oakland, CA), a hardwood importer and distributor of transportation flooring and components. “We are thrilled to join forces with Woods Unlimited and…

Fontaine award managers

OHC Picks up Inaugural Award from Fontaine Trailer

Fontaine Trailer presents the Fontaine Trailer Supply Partner Excellence Award to Overseas Hardwoods Company (OHC).  This is the first ever award for Fontaine to present to a vendor.  OHC is a supplier of imported High Performance Lumber Products, including the Apitong that Fontaine installs on their platform trailers….

A Word From our President Regarding the Operation Status of OHC

Dear Customers, During this unprecedented time, OHC wishes good health and safe keeping to all. We are proud to see Americans coming together with a common goal to combat this virus and thwart its adverse effects on our economy. During past times of war and economic upheaval, Americans…


OHC Statement Regarding COVID-19

Dear Customers, Overseas Hardwoods Company (OHC) is closely monitoring the impact and progression ofCOVID-19 (Coronavirus) and are adhering to recommendations from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), as well as, the World Health Organization (WHO). As always, our primary concern is the health and safety of…

Sitco Lumber Warehouse

OHC Acquires SITCO Lumber

  (Mobile, Ala.) – Overseas Hardwood Company (OHC), an importer and distributor of high-performance, fine hardwoods for the transportation, outdoor living, millwork, and marine industries, has acquired SITCO, a national leader in fine and exotic hardwood importing. “We are excited and honored to join forces with SITCO Lumber….

Milled Hardwood

How to Mill and Machine Hardwood Species.

At OHC, we take pride in providing the very best quality hardwoods. Our high standard is what drives us to pay close attention to the details in every step of our process. We’ve developed a specialized method over the years to machine and mill our hardwood. This process…

John Lyons Brings Rhythm to OHC’s Millwork Division

John Lyons, our new Millwork Products Sales Manager, not only brings a wealth of experience in the lumber industry to his position, but also a deep passion for music and people. Based out of Hammond, Louisiana, Lyons recently started working with OHC in November of 2017. However, he brings…

How to Protect your Outdoor Projects From Termites.

Termites can wreak havoc on your home or deck. If not caught quickly enough, they can alter the very foundation of any wood construction project. Thankfully, there are many precautionary measures that you can take to avoid damage done by termites. Here are some of the steps that…


Meranti Shutters Hinge on Quality

It’s commonly known that shutters were first used in ancient Greece to provide privacy and protect from light and the elements. From Greece, shutters spread west to Spain and England, which then influenced shutter use in the United States, where they can be seen on historic homes such…

Wooden Level

Look at Some of the High End Tools that can be Made From Meranti

Selected species of Meranti wood have long been prized for strength and durability for a variety of applications, like high-end yachts, furniture, millwork, and cabinetry.  However, Sands Level and Tools has found a surprising and beautiful new use for Meranti, also known as Philippine Mahogany, in its high-end…


Wood for Boats

The earliest boats go back 8,000 years ago, starting with dugout canoes. Those early dugout canoes ignited a desire to harness the power of the water and the wind, and mankind has built on that technology. Egyptians added sails, which paved the way for historical ships such as…

Baton Rouge Flood Surprise

When the rain started falling in Baton Rouge on August 11, no one suspected that it would continue for three days and lead to catastrophic flooding. By now, we all know the scale of the flood: six lives lost; 20,000 people rescued; and over $8 billion dollars in damages….


Spring Hill College

Located atop a scenic hill in Mobile, Alabama, Spring Hill College has enjoyed a long reputation for excellence in the Jesuit tradition. In fact, Spring HIll College is the state’s oldest institution of higher learning, founded in 1830 by Mobile’s first Catholic bishop. Spring Hill is also the…


Spring Boat Commissioning Checklist

Flowers are blooming, temperatures are rising, and you’re starting to imagine yourself out on the water with the wind in your hair and a light spray of water across your face. The only thing between you and your dreams is commissioning your boat for spring! Here are some…


Featured Project: St. Lawrence Catholic Church

It’s been said that humans have a primordial need to build wooden structures, stemming from eons of building and living in them. The stunning millwork in St. Lawrence Catholic Church in Fairhope, AL fulfills that need, creating a feeling of warmth and security for its parishioners. A contemporary, octagonal structure…

Wooden Boat

Is Philippine Mahogany a True Mahogany?

Here’s the truth behind Philippine Mahogany: The term “Philippine Mahogany” was used largely in the 1950’s and ’60’s to describe wood species used on luxury boats or yachts. For many years the Meranti wood species has been known as “Philippine Mahogany.” Philippine Mahogany is a term that generally applies to a number…


OHC Adds an Aero Conestoga Flatbed to Deliver High-Performance Lumber Products

OHC Offers Direct Shipping to Florida, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, Georgia & Texas   OHC Customers Save with Shipping Direct from the Manufacturer OHC recently added an Aero Conestoga tarp system to its 48′ flatbed to improve delivery of its High-Performance Hardwood lumber products. OHC will begin bi-monthly deliveries…