Laminated Flooring

Custom Laminated Trailer Flooring Milled to Your Specs from OHC

Laminated Trailer Flooring

Commonly referred to as laminated Apitong, Mixed Malaysian Laminated flooring glues wood strips together to create a structural flooring product.  Dry freight applications, such as truck bodies and vans primarily use this flooring. The customer can specify how the Laminated boards are produced and machined to its specific patterns.  Each customer then designs its custom kit for its specific body or van.

Dimensions: 1-1/8″ & 1-3/8″ is standard for truck bodies. 3/4″, 1-1/4″ and 1-5/16″ are also available.

Lengths: 12′ to 39′

Species: Mixed Malaysian Hardwoods

The species of hardwoods we use for our laminated trailer decking originates from Malaysia. These woods offer higher performance than pine and resist wood-boring insects and decay. Softer woods are more susceptible to wood rot and infestation. Choosing hardwoods is proven to alleviate these concerns and greatly increase a fleet’s lifespan and performance.


  • Laminated Trailer Flooring Surface
  • Laminated Trailer Flooring Profile
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  • Corner view of Mixed Malaysian Hardwood Trailer Flooring Sample

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