OHC’s Specialty Lumber Department

OHC Provides Specialty Wood Products for a Variety of Applications & Industries

OHC is more than just a trailer flooring manufacturer. We can source and provide you with a wide array of specialty wood solutions. Here is a brief overview of some of the products and services OHC provides:

OHC - Jelutong Fishing Lures OHC

Jelutong Fishing Lures

The finest fishing lures or other carved products are made with Jelutong. Jelutong (Dyera costulata) is a light-weight, white-to-cream colored hardwood. Jelutong is ideally suited for carving products due to its very straight grain and fine, lustrous texture. These features means that it is easy to cut and plains to a smooth, fine finish. Jelutong is also easy to glue, holds screws well and has very small shrinkage. In addition, Jelutong is available in thick sizes.

Special Orders

OHC’s long history and unparalleled experience in importing hardwoods enable us to source products for large, complex commercial applications. Such projects include Philippine Mahogany paneling for church projects or pews, exotic flooring for large commercial buildings, and specialty species such as Meranti or Merbau for custom millwork, marine, or furniture applications.

OHC has also helped domestic manufacturers of white and red oak, ash, walnut and southern yellow pine develop sales in countries where OHC has extensive exporting experience. These countries and regions include Europe, Indonesia, Malaysia, Brazil, Bolivia, Peru, Cambodia, Vietnam, China, the Philippines, Burma and throughout Central America.

Get on Board with OHC

Learn more about the specialty wood products from OHC. Since 1967, we have supplied manufacturers, woodworkers, and other shops with domestic and exotic hardwoods on all their lumber needs. Email OHC today or call: 1-800-999-7616