Refrigerated Trailer Flooring Sills

Refrigeration Trailer Flooring Sills Milled & Shipped to Your Shop from OHC

Apitong Refrigerated Trailer Flooring Made to Your Design Specifications

Refrigeration trailers carry cargo in a climate controlled environment.  The insulation for these trailers must meet the necessary R-value (Thermal Resistance) to protect frozen, cold or chilled cargo.  To provide the space necessary for foam insulation, a refrigerated trailer has voids below the aluminum flooring and behind the walls.

These voids in the floor function as:

  1. An area for foam to be installed
  2. Structural support for cargo and for loading equipment such as fork lifts

Soft woods and domestic woods like Oak are typically used for refrigerated trailer flooring. However, these woods are a short-term “solution” that cost more in the long run. Using a hardwood like Apitong for flooring sills offers you a low-maintenance and long-lasting solution. Why?

Durable Apitong sills are exceptionally strong and exceed the necessary R-value thermal resistance. Their ability to handle more weight and abuse over a longer period of time means they require less repair and replacement.

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