The OHC Difference: Hardwood Quality Control

Hardwood Quality Control that Gives Your Superior Products

At OHC, we pride ourselves on giving you the best quality lumber products, just-in-time!

Along with one of the transportation industry’s highest service standards, OHC’s Total Quality Management makes quality control paramount from raw material procurement to just-in-time delivery to its customers. OHC’s TQM program consists of:

Specific Grade insistent on a higher quality of lumber than traditional grade rules allow in commercial applications purchased from qualified mills that are evaluated and certified to conform to OHC’s proprietary specification on all Apitong/Keruing products. Mills supplying raw material are visited and inspected routinely to insure restrictive processing guidelines are followed.

Arduous Inspection Process applied continually along the inventory management cycle and through the production process. Statistically significant sampling of all products is conducted upon arrival to verify quantity, grade, moisture content and specifications meet OHC’s standard.

Continual visual and dynamic testing is conducted throughout our multi-step processes on all manufactured products earning them to status High Performance Lumber Products.  Be it in-line or manual moisture detecting, proof loading, Tinos Olsen destructive testing, magnification testing to assure glue penetration, optical comparator tooling verification to TTMA load rating assurance, OHC’s products consistently meet and exceed the requirements desired by our customers. It is the continual delivery of consistent performance which has made OHC the bench mark which all other trailer flooring is measured against.

Inspect what we expect is a simple motto OHC uses as a guideline. Never take things for granted with redundancy within the inspection system.

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