Military Trailer Flooring

OHC proudly supports the men and women who serve in our armed forces with exceptionally strong and durable Apitong / Keruing flooring for their military trailers.  OHC provides these floors to newly manufactured trailers, and to refurbished or repair/replacement units.  OHC designs flooring solutions to increase floor longevity and reduce maintenance.  OHC also has a long track record of expeditious response time to orders so that our military can keep rolling.

Established programs include:

  • Original Equipment Manufacturers
    • Create economical solutions for newly manufactured military trailers
    • Provide kits for testing
    • Test in-house for appropriate load ratings
  • TACOM (Tactical Army Command)
    • Supply various depots with stocked floor kits through contracts
    • Contracts for resetting (refurbishing) programs with floor kits
    • Offer Direct order program through the Defense Supply network
    • Floor kits available for:
      • M172 Series: M172, M172A1
      • M870 Series: M870Basic, M870, M870A1, M870A2
      • M871 Series: M871, M871A1, M871A2,  M871A3, M871A4
      • M872 Series: M872, M872A1, M872A2, M872A3, M872A4
  • Direct Need shipments to U.S. Army, U.S. Air Force, U.S. Marine Corps, and U.S. Navy
    • Flooring and floor kits are available to ship directly to remote locations with trailers in need of repair.
    • Global shipments are possible, subject to economical transit cost limitations