The most durable and stunning wooden deck material

Strong, dense, and practically impervious, Ipe (pronounced EE-pay) wood has a naturally high resistance to wear and tear, as well as the elements that typically break down wood. As hard—or harder—than nails, Ipe is often referred to as “ironwood” due to its incredible strength. That fact alone makes Ipe the ideal decking wood, but this Brazilian hardwood has yet another advantage in its breathtaking natural appearance.

Fall in love with your deck, every time you see it

Ipe decking holds a rich, vivid coloring that varies from deep reds to olive to striking walnut brown. With a fine-grained patterning that occurs in stripes, swirls, or perfect uniformity, any deck constructed with Ipe will stand out as the showpiece of your yard for years to come.

Even with no treatment of any type, Ipe decking lasts more than 40 years, and can retain its integrity for 75 years or longer. When treated with a clear protectant or decking oil, Ipe wood will retain its bold color for decades. In its natural state, Ipe decking will weather slowly and elegantly to a silver-gray patina—without splintering, knotting, or warping.

Top reasons to choose Ipe decking:

  • Extraordinary natural resistance to insects and moisture
  • Resists scratching and scarring from heavy-duty traffic, including high heels and dog nails
  • Hard, durable wood can bear standard loads with zero deflection at a joist spacing of 16 inches
  • Dense, heavy Ipe decking experiences near-zero expansion and contraction with moisture or extreme temperatures, so there’s no warping or crowding of the boards
  • Incredible aesthetic appeal that lasts for decades

With Ipe decking, you’ll take pride in your gorgeous, durable deck for generations to come.

Ipe Porch Decking

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