GarapaGarapa Decking from OHC

Garapa Decking & Siding from OHCWhy Garapa?

There are three main reasons why Garapa wood decking is a solid choice for any residential or commercial project:

  1. Durability
  2. Appearance
  3. Price

Garapa Decking – An Excellent Choice

Garapa is a moderately heavy and durable hardwood. With a uniform gold to to tan color, Garapa can provide you with a warm and welcoming retreat anyone can enjoy. Unlike the dull look of treated Pine, Garapa appeals to many for its uniform color. Over time, this hardwood weathers to a rich silver tone when a UV inhibitor is not applied. It has a straight grain and fine texture.While Garapa is dense, strong, and hard, it also is an exceptional value. Garapa offers the exquisite features and wear surface of a hardwood deck that is price competitive with lessor performing softwoods such as treated Pine, Redwood or Cedar. A Garapa deck will last 10-15 years and in some cases 20.

Garapa has a moderate tendency to shrink if it is not kiln-dried. Because of this natural property, OHC only sells Garapa that is kiln-dried. When dried correctly, Garapa is dimensionally stable with low movement in service. You benefit from buying kiln-dried Garapa because the boards can stay straighter for longer, even in extreme climates.

Garapa Decking – A Low Maintenance Hardwood

Garapa decks require a lot less maintenance than softwoods like Treated Pine or Cedar. While these woods are prone to wide splits and cracks, the natural density of Garapa offers more dimensional stability. Like all the hardwoods we sell, you can enhance the look and grain of Garapa with the application of a hardwood deck oil. Even if you plan on letting your new deck weather to silver, we still recommend one coat of deck oil after installation.

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