Compare Wood Decking SpeciesCompare Wood Decking Materials Before You Buy

Compare Wood Decking Options Before You BuyBelow is a chart you can use to compare wood decking materials. This chart compiles information gathered through numerous tests conducted by the USDA Forest Laboratory. The results are conclusive. The hardwoods that OHC provides you far exceed the results of traditional woods like Treated Pine, Cedar, and Redwood.

While other suppliers choose to make grandiose claims about the woods like Ipe, we believe giving you the facts and information you need is more valuable. If you have any questions about how any of our hardwood deck materials might perform in your area, give us a call today.

Decking Material Durability Weight
(per Cubic Foot)
Strength in Bending Modulus of Elasticity Modulus of Rupture Hardness Specific Gravity
Ipe Very Durable 30+ Years 62-69 lbs. 25,360 3,140 14,000 3,680 0.90-1.04
Cumaru Very Durable 25+ years 61-66 lbs. 22,400 3,030 13,720 3,540 .86
Tigerwood Very Durable 25+ years 59-62 lbs. 16,620 2,230 10,320 2,250 .86
Garapa Moderately Durable 10-20 years 48-52 lbs. 12,900 2,250 9,140 1,650 .66
Western Red Cedar Moderately Durable 10-25 years 24-30 lbs. 8,300 1,115 7,500 480 .31
Redwood Moderately Durable 10-25 years 21-26 lbs. 7,600 1,100 7,800 480 .34
Treated Pine Varies   9,711-13,700 1,400-1,700 7,300-14,000 680 .47-.51

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