10 Reasons to Choose Wood

hugging a tree1) Durable
2) Affordable
3) Natural
4) Carbon neutral
5) Recyclable
6) Eco-friendly
7) Reusable
8) Renewable
9) Non toxic
10) Biodegradable


What are the reasons you choose wood? Please comment below!

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New Precision End Trimmer

The production team at OHC recently upgraded their precision end trim production line or "PET" to an automated system. The new PET system utilizes bar-code technology to load trimming specifications into the production process. The production folks nicknamed their new PET saw "Sasquatch." Sasquatch got his name because the design team worked for so long on this customized concept that the production team started to believe he wasn't real. Sasquatch replaced a Newman PET saw that was manually adjusted with wrenches to cut different lengths, a time-consuming and difficult job for the machine operator. Sasquatch is fully automated and controlled by a PLC system which understands 2D bar-codes. This coding directs Sasquatch to cut the lengths and piece counts required for each order. One operator supervises Sasquatch. Sasquatch has reduced the operator's set-up time dramatically. The opportunity for set-up mistakes was reduced ten-fold. The best improvements are that the operator's job has been made much safer and easier. Sasquatch now enables OHC to cut orders more precisely, quickly, safely and effectively, so that customers' orders are delivered on time and to exact specifications. The maintenance crew installed Sasquatch over the weekend of June 1st and 2nd so that the production team did not miss a day of production. Sasquatch is one of many plant upgrades that will ensure OHC maintains its position as the leading Flatbed Trailer floor manufacturer in the United States.

OHC OLD SAW photo petextraction_zps24bba355.jpg
OHC NEW SAW photo petinstall_zps9381367b.jpg

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Deshazo at OHC

To meet customers' needs at a moment's notice, OHC doubled its bridge crane capacity. This $125,000 investment ensures that OHC's production team can quickly handle finished product and package in their kit department with minimal risk to team members or to the finished products. OHC is a leading Apitong/Keruing trailer floor manufacturer in the U.S. Deshazo is a leading crane manufacturer in the U.S. OHC chose the great Deshazo brand because OHC demands the highest quality machinery to assist in its day-to-day operations. Each Deshazo crane in operation with OHC boasts an impressive 7.5 ton lift capacity. The crane's functions are controlled via remote control from an operator on the ground. With these two cranes, OHC can comfortably move, stack and arrange 53' Apitong / Keruing boards into a kit to be packaged and shipped to customers. OHC designs the Apitong / Keruing kit layouts to best accommodate for a quick and easy installation at every customer location. Such continuous upgrades are part of OHC's core. In today's challenging manufacturing market, investment in machinery makes our team's production safer, more cost effective and faster so that OHC can deliver the highest quality products timely and at the lowest possible cost.

Deshazo Cranes photo Deshazocranes_zps519a4b92.jpg
 photo c5a741f5-4cd4-4255-b147-ef76ee70a52a_zpsdca478b8.jpgKit department bundles photo packages_zps1614f95d.jpg


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OHC visits Rome, Ipe comes as no surprise

OHC's visit to Rome reveals the use of Ipe at the Roman ColosseumRome is an ancient oasis of human history and home of the Roman Colosseum, one of Rome’s most popular tourist attractions. To be precise it attracts about 3.9 million visitors each year. That boils down to 7.8 million feet and about one billion three hundred twenty-six million lbs of foot traffic traveling through the colosseum annually. Being such an old yet valuable piece of human history, engineers have found the best possible solutions to protect and maintain the colosseum's integrity. While visiting, OHC was happy yet not surprised to see the use of Ipe (Ipé) to guide tourists along a nearly indestructible path of site seeing. Ipe, a product sold and manufactured by OHC, is one of the most dense wood species in the world. Ipe has been nicknamed "Iron wood." From ancient Rome across the world to the United States, Ipe, aesthetically beautiful and equally strong, is being used and trusted for the most rugged applications.


Visit http://www.everlastinghardwoods.com/ to find Ipe products and supply opportunities.

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