Employees at Overseas Hardwoods Company joined at their Stockton manufacturing plant on July 2nd to celebrate Independence day 2013 with a picnic. It was inventory week here at OHC and everyone was happy to take a break to enjoy the great food, games, and fun. This year's Independence Day picnic was most notable for 2 reasons. First and most importantly, Mary Doerr was recognized for her 40 years of employment with OHC. Thank you Mary for your hard work and continued contribution in moving OHC forward. Secondly, this year marked the first ever Annual Cornhole Invitational Tournament. The tournament was a big hit. OHC employee's cohesion and competitive nature were seen clearly during the game. OHC has embraced a family like feeling with their employees and believes in taking time to reflect on hard work. All employees have the holiday off to celebrate our countries Independence Day, this July 4th, 2013. Below you will see some of the highlights from the picnic.


OverseasHardwoods's OHC Independence Day picnic 2013 album on Photobucket

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What is The Best Flatbed Trailer Wood?

What is the best wood to use on flatbed trucks and trailers? What will withstand the weather best? What will last the longest? What is the strongest and most durable? Oak? Treated Pine? The answer is Apitong also known as Keruing. Apitong / Keruing is used by all major flatbed trailer manufactures like Great Dane, Fontaine, Wilson, Transcraft, MAC, Wabash, Doonan Specialized Trailer, XL-Specialized and more. They are the professionals and they know what is best. They all choose Apitong / Keruing. It is the best because of its density, durability and long life expectancy. It is reasonably priced and out performs Oak and other similar hardwood species. Apitong / Keruing comes from Southeast Asia. It is manufactured and distributed in the United States, most notably by OHC of Mobile Alabama. The product has been in use for almost 50 years. It is so dense that holes created from removing nails and screws will virtually close back up. This self healing is great because it reduces opportunity for moisture to enter wood where damage occurs.

Operator safety is also improved because it is less likely to warp and split where tripping and other accidents can occur. Using Apitong / Keruing on your flatbed truck or trailer will: decrease maintenance time and costs, increase time on the road, outlast inferior wood species, dampen road noise, increase safety and provide exceptional strength and durability. Visit the Overseas Hardwoods Company home page to explore your trailer flooring opportunities.

XL dropdeck Apitong XL Specialized Drop Deck with OHC's Apitong / Keruing floor kit

Orange Beach Marina Chooses Garapa Wood Decking

Orange Beach Marina recently installed Garapa wood decking for its renovation of its restaurant called Fisher’s at Orange Beach Marina. The marina was featured in the news as a destination spot in AL.com.
See: http://blog.al.com/gulf-coast/2013/06/destination_marinas_orange_bea.html#/0.

Garapa wood decking at Orange Beach Marina Garapa wood decking at Orange Beach Marina

Garapa wood was the ideal choice for this restaurant renovation. The owners wanted a durable wood deck that offers a luxurious dining experience without blowing the budget for the space and ultimately for its diners. Garapa offered the best highly durable wood deck at a reasonable cost.

Compared with commonly used treated Southern Yellow Pine, Garapa wood decking has almost double the bending strength (20,000 compared to 11,300 pounds), more than double the hardness (1,658 compared to 645 pounds), and almost double the specific gravity or density (0.82 compared to 0.45). These scientific measurements mean that Garapa decking will withstand the high foot traffic better than treated Southern Yellow Pine. Its hardness and density will enable it to withstand scratching and wear.

Garapa wood hand rails at Orange Beach Marina Garapa wood hand rails at Orange Beach Marina

Moreover, Garapa decking is about 30-40% lower in price than other high-end hardwood decking products such as Ipe. Although garapa is very dense, it finishes well. The owners wanted the Garapa decking to have a darker tone than the yellow/brown hues natural to the species. To get this color, it was coated with Penofin. You can see from Fishermen’s Facebook page how the coating made the Garapa wood appear very similar to higher-priced Ipe decking. https://www.facebook.com/Fishersatobm/photos_stream.

The same Garapa decking and materials can be found at: http://www.everlastinghardwoods.com/garapa-decking/

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10 Reasons to Choose Wood

hugging a tree1) Durable
2) Affordable
3) Natural
4) Carbon neutral
5) Recyclable
6) Eco-friendly
7) Reusable
8) Renewable
9) Non toxic
10) Biodegradable


What are the reasons you choose wood? Please comment below!

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Custom Scanners at OHC

Untitled-1OHC continually improves its operations by upgrading equipment and technology so that we can exceed customer expectations. Custom scanners are the newest upgrade to be released from testing and introduced to the field at OHC's plant in Stockton Alabama. The scanners have custom software written by Dorger Software Architects of Mobile Alabama. These scanners allow the plant to communicate inventory processes from the field to the corporate office and OHC's inventory system. The new scanners reduce processing time and give a "real time" and accurate inventory. We can now prepare orders and quotes for our customers more quickly with more accurate inventory. The scanners are Motorola / Symbol brand. They utilize Windows CE and have built in Wifi. OHC retrofitted the entire manufacturing complex of buildings with Wifi to improve communication between all machine operators. The scanners perform a multitude of tasks such as Inventory Tag Inquiry, Receive Inventory, and Ship Inventory. With barcodes, the opportunity for human error from recording inventory is eliminated. We also use less paper. OHC will develop its scanner use for many more functions. The scanners are just the latest of many innovations OHC introduced to serve its customers at the lowest possible costs.DSC_0045

New Precision End Trimmer

The production team at OHC recently upgraded their precision end trim production line or "PET" to an automated system. The new PET system utilizes bar-code technology to load trimming specifications into the production process. The production folks nicknamed their new PET saw "Sasquatch." Sasquatch got his name because the design team worked for so long on this customized concept that the production team started to believe he wasn't real. Sasquatch replaced a Newman PET saw that was manually adjusted with wrenches to cut different lengths, a time-consuming and difficult job for the machine operator. Sasquatch is fully automated and controlled by a PLC system which understands 2D bar-codes. This coding directs Sasquatch to cut the lengths and piece counts required for each order. One operator supervises Sasquatch. Sasquatch has reduced the operator's set-up time dramatically. The opportunity for set-up mistakes was reduced ten-fold. The best improvements are that the operator's job has been made much safer and easier. Sasquatch now enables OHC to cut orders more precisely, quickly, safely and effectively, so that customers' orders are delivered on time and to exact specifications. The maintenance crew installed Sasquatch over the weekend of June 1st and 2nd so that the production team did not miss a day of production. Sasquatch is one of many plant upgrades that will ensure OHC maintains its position as the leading Flatbed Trailer floor manufacturer in the United States.

OHC OLD SAW photo petextraction_zps24bba355.jpg
OHC NEW SAW photo petinstall_zps9381367b.jpg

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Ipe vs Pine


It is not a rare occurrence for Pine decking to experience a short life span as a result of exposure to the elements. OHC has a great example to demonstrate how treated Southern Yellow Pine and Ipe decking withstand the elements. Here at Weeks Bay National Refuge in South Alabama, the Fish River boat launch docks were built following Hurricanes Ivan and Katrina using both treated Southern Yellow Pine and Ipe decking.

View Larger Map
The docks were intermittently built since 2004 or 2005 with Ipe locally supplied by OHC, and treated Southern Yellow Pine. OHC's Ipe decking covers the South Western portion of the launch and a small walkway section on the South Eastern section of the launch. The Southern Yellow Pine was used in between both boat ramps and a large portion of the Eastern walkway. These pictures depict how the two species withstood the harsh sun and wet environment. Though both the pine and Ipe show natural color changes due to the sun's UV rays, their structure and soundness differ very much.

Pine on left - Ipe on right Pine on left - Ipe on right

Pine on left and Ipe on the right. It is clear how much more the Pine has split and worn in comparrison to the ipe. Pine on left, Ipe on right. With this splintering, the pine creates the risk of splinters for boaters' bare feet whereas the sound Ipe decking is safe for the feet.

This photo demonstrates how our Ipe is much more resistant to moss, mold, insects and weathering because of its dense fiber composition. The photo was taken of the West facing side of each board. This photo demonstrates how our Ipe is much more resistant to moss, mold, insects and weathering because of its dense fiber composition. The photo was taken of the West facing side of each board.

Pine after exposure to sun and water Pine after exposure to sun and water




Deshazo at OHC

To meet customers' needs at a moment's notice, OHC doubled its bridge crane capacity. This $125,000 investment ensures that OHC's production team can quickly handle finished product and package in their kit department with minimal risk to team members or to the finished products. OHC is a leading Apitong/Keruing trailer floor manufacturer in the U.S. Deshazo is a leading crane manufacturer in the U.S. OHC chose the great Deshazo brand because OHC demands the highest quality machinery to assist in its day-to-day operations. Each Deshazo crane in operation with OHC boasts an impressive 7.5 ton lift capacity. The crane's functions are controlled via remote control from an operator on the ground. With these two cranes, OHC can comfortably move, stack and arrange 53' Apitong / Keruing boards into a kit to be packaged and shipped to customers. OHC designs the Apitong / Keruing kit layouts to best accommodate for a quick and easy installation at every customer location. Such continuous upgrades are part of OHC's core. In today's challenging manufacturing market, investment in machinery makes our team's production safer, more cost effective and faster so that OHC can deliver the highest quality products timely and at the lowest possible cost.

Deshazo Cranes photo Deshazocranes_zps519a4b92.jpg
 photo c5a741f5-4cd4-4255-b147-ef76ee70a52a_zpsdca478b8.jpgKit department bundles photo packages_zps1614f95d.jpg


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OHC visits Rome, Ipe comes as no surprise

OHC's visit to Rome reveals the use of Ipe at the Roman ColosseumRome is an ancient oasis of human history and home of the Roman Colosseum, one of Rome’s most popular tourist attractions. To be precise it attracts about 3.9 million visitors each year. That boils down to 7.8 million feet and about one billion three hundred twenty-six million lbs of foot traffic traveling through the colosseum annually. Being such an old yet valuable piece of human history, engineers have found the best possible solutions to protect and maintain the colosseum's integrity. While visiting, OHC was happy yet not surprised to see the use of Ipe (Ipé) to guide tourists along a nearly indestructible path of site seeing. Ipe, a product sold and manufactured by OHC, is one of the most dense wood species in the world. Ipe has been nicknamed "Iron wood." From ancient Rome across the world to the United States, Ipe, aesthetically beautiful and equally strong, is being used and trusted for the most rugged applications.


Visit http://www.everlastinghardwoods.com/ to find Ipe products and supply opportunities.

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