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OHC Welcomes Tom Dean

Tom Dean OHCWe are proud to welcome Tom Dean to the OHC family. Tom has been in the lumber, millwork, flooring, and decking business for 26 years. Tom earned his stripes in the lumber industry working for the family business (Dean Hardwoods, Inc.) since the age of 20. He's worked the floor in the lumber yard and within each process of his family's business. While working in the millwork shop, Tom gained experience in tooling and operating machinery, rip saw operation, making moulder knives, and running the moulders. Tom is also trained in kiln drying lumber with over 10 years of experience operating kilns.

Tom has extensive experience purchasing lumber from South America and Asia. As one of the early importers of Ipe decking, Tom was responsible for making this beautiful species so popular in the United States. Over the years, Tom has gained an extraordinary amount of knowledge about domestic and international hardwoods. From Sapele to White Oak, Tom is a veritable encyclopedia on every species of wood used in boats and millwork applications. His knowledge will enable OHC customers to make the right choices for their boat building and millwork lumber needs.

As a member of the IWPA Board of Directors, Tom was a part of a team who represented lumber companies throughout the world. He was also involved in the redecking of two of our armed forces most decorated and storied vessels, the USS North Carolina (Burmese Teak) and the USS Alabama (Ipe Decking).

Tom brought his knowledge and expertise to the boat building industry and is well known amongst the world's most prized boat manufacturers. Both he and his family have served and sold lumber products to marine businesses including the Rybovich family, Chris Craft, Viking Yachts, Hatteras Yachts, Palmer Johnson, and many others.

Tom will continue to provide these leading boat manufacturers and customers throughout the East Coast with Meranti, Ipe Decking and other high-performance lumber products.

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Millwork Customers Return to Southeast Asian Hardwoods As Supply Problems in African Hardwoods Are Intensified with Ebola Epidemic


NOTE: While the issues discussed in this article are important to our industry, they pale in comparison to the human toll the people of West Africa are currently facing with the Ebola epidemic. Our thoughts and prayers are with the people affected by this deadly disease, along with the lives of our brave armed forces who have been sent to help. We hope everyone comes back healthy and safe.

Supply Chain Issues Increases Pressure on Imported African Hardwoods

Frequent and lengthy supply delays are common with African exporters. But the Ebola epidemic in Liberia and Sierra Leone exacerbates the already lengthy port delays and creates uncertainty and fear about importing products from the African continent. The U.S. government is tightening port entry procedures for ships that sail from West Africa. Likewise, ships normally calling ports in West Africa are staying away from the region. Many millwork customers and our peers in the industry report that African hardwoods are now harder to procure and the timing of deliveries are very uncertain. Even if these hardwoods originate from other African countries nowhere near the affected regions, the general cloud hanging over exporters remains causing ships calling on numerous ports to avoid the region entirely. Large news organizations such as Fox News have even published reports on the complications and the difficulty that port congestion has wreaked on the fight against Ebola. Shipping companies are responding to the lengthy port delays and congestion by imposing damaging rate increases, making the African species more expensive.

The Ebola scare compounded an already precarious and unpredictable supply base for importers of African hardwoods like Sapele, African Mahogany, and Sipo. As a substitute for Spanish Cedar, . In addition to supply uncertainty, millwork customers uniformly complain that there are all-too-frequent deliveries of African products which are improperly dried and poorly manufactured. As a result, pricing for African species are increasing with significant volatility and uncertainty.

Millwork Customers are Returning to Fine Hardwoods from Reliable Southeast Asian Countries

Meranti lumber is a reliable alternative to Sapeles, Sipo, and African Mahogany. OHC Meranti lumber products are a reliable alternative to Sapele, Sipo, and African Mahogany.

The pervasiveness of these issues led to a resurgence in a reliable and sustainable hardwood from SE Asia where OHC specializes. For almost 50 years, OHC developed a core, reliable supply base in South East Asia and has imported high-grade Meranti lumber. OHC’s Meranti is not just any species; rather, OHC selected a few key suppliers to source particular subspecies that compare well to popular African hardwoods.

Customers who have switched from various African hardwoods have reported that OHC procured Meranti is a pleasure to work with and finish. They also said the price is comparable and at times is a better economical solution imported exotic hardwoods from Africa.

OHC is the primary importer of high-grade Meranti lumber to the United States. We have well-established, reputable sources harvesting lumber in a sustainable manner complying with all international trade laws. Our quality control processes ensure uniformly kiln-dried lumber and a well- manufactured product.

For questions about OHC Meranti, call 1-800-999-7616 or contact us online.

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Introducing Angelique and Mandio Hardwoods for Lowboy Trailer Flooring & Industrial Use

Angelique and Mandio for Crane Mats & Lowboy Trailer Flooring Angelique and Mandio Hardwoods are Ideal for Crane Mats & Lowboy Trailer Floors

The demand for domestic hardwoods like red and white oak continues to grow. For instance, the price of Low Grade White Oak has increased in price between 35 - 40% in the last 24 months. Through the winter and summer, the Hardwood Market Report continually reported higher white oak prices and demand exceeding supply in many regions of the United States.

This spike in demand can be attributed to factors like the booming oil and gas activity in states like North Dakota, Oklahoma, and Louisiana. Manufacturers in these states require hardwoods for many of the vehicles that help service the energy industry. As a result, shortages in domestic hardwood production has seen prices for low grade dense hardwoods skyrocket and remains well above available supply. The critical shortage in low-grade domestic hardwoods like white oak means manufacturers are in need of alternative species.

OHC Offers You the Solution to the Domestic Hardwood Shortage

With our extensive experience and long list of reliable contacts worldwide – OHC imported two excellent and cost effective alternatives to fill the void.

  1. Angelique (Dicorynia Guianensis spp.)
  2. Mandio (Qualea spp.)

Use these superior, dense hardwoods for:

Angelique and Mandio compare favorably to oak in strength, density and hardness. These species can perform well in standard applications that rely on white oak such as lowboys and crane mats, or any heavy-duty / industrial applications.

DETAILS: Both species are 25-30% more cost effective than Apitong/Keruing and available in Vehicular Grade and Fixed Widths.

How Do Angelique and Mandio Compare to Oak and Apitong?

This table highlights how these Angelique and Mandio hardwoods are fine alternatives to traditional Oak trailer flooring. For intense industrial applications like crane mats, both of these hardwoods are excellent alternatives to domestic woods.

[table id=5 /]

Get on Board with OHC

For more information on OHC Angelique and Mandio hardwoods, email OHC or call: 1-800-999-7616

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OHC Adds an Aero Conestoga Flatbed to Deliver High-Performance Lumber Products

OHC Offers Direct Shipping to Florida, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, Georgia & Texas

OHC Delivery OHC Customers Save with Shipping Direct from the Manufacturer

OHC recently added an Aero Conestoga tarp system to its 48' flatbed to improve delivery of its High-Performance Hardwood lumber products. OHC will begin bi-monthly deliveries to its markets throughout the South Eastern United States. The Aero Conestoga system allows OHC delivery personnel to deliver premium hardwoods in a safe, secure, and efficient manner to its customers.

Customers can now rely on OHC to deliver decking products on a routine schedule every other week. Some of the lumber and decking products we can deliver are:

OHC's delivery service will provide delivery to markets in major southeastern cities and points in between via three primary lanes:

  1. Coastal Mississippi, New Orleans, Baton Rouge, Lafayette, Lake Charles, and Houston markets
  2. Montgomery, Birmingham, and Atlanta
  3. Pensacola, Destin, Tallahassee, Tampa, Sarasota, Naples, Orlando, Ft. Lauderdale, and Miami

OHC plans to add additional stops as this service develops.

Direct Shipping Equals Greater Cost Savings to OHC's Valued Customers

In recent months, there has been a shortage of trucks for delivery of lumber products. As a result of this shortage, freight rates have risen sharply. In addition, LTL shipment costs can be more expensive when you combine the expenses of additional crating necessary to protect the cargo, as well as its disposal

OHC responded to these challenges by adding a regular delivery service for its customers. By consolidating LTL orders on one truck operated by OHC team members, OHC will:

  • Improve deliveries to its customers
  • Offer more stable and reasonable delivery prices
  • Eliminate the damage that typically accompanies LTL shipments

Bill Schaffer, Vice President of Sales for OHC, observed how this new delivery will improve service to OHC's customers, "With continued regulatory as well as volatile economic demands on the transportation industry steadily increasing, the industry is faced with an acute driver shortage as well as limited service due to the imbalance of freight by region. We've decided to offer this service with our own equipment to help alleviate pressures on the demand for trucks in the Deep South and to give our customers consistent price and service during this time of uncertainty in the market."

Get on Board with OHC

For more information on OHC's new direct delivery system, email OHC or call: 1-800-999-7616

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Stockton Sawmills Days Reflection

The first ever, annual Stockton Sawmill Days had a good turnout. The crowd and venders couldn’t have asked for a better day to congregate for the festivities and entertainment. Stockton Sawmill Days was organized in commemoration of Stockton’s history in the forest-products industry dating back more than 200 years. The music food and lumberjack events were pleasing to all. OHC was a proud sponsor of this event that took place at Stockton’s Bicentennial Park less than a mile from OHC’s manufacturing plant on hwy 225. We here at OHC look forward to next year’s event. Thank you to all who worked hard to make this event come together.



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Stockton Sawmill Days

history1At 9 o'clock Saturday at Baldwin County's Bicentennial Park, Stockton Sawmill Days festival kicks off in commemoration of Stockton's history in the forest-products industry dating back more than 200 years. There will be events, music and food. Admission is $15 for adults, $5 for youth 6 to 12 and free for kids under 6. See full article here: Stockton Sawmill Days

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Joey Skinner Joins OHC

OHC is pleased to announce that Joey Skinner joined our sales team as an outside sales joey edit 2 smallrepresentative.

Joey has a wealth of experience in the lumber industry. He spent more than 15 years in our industry, most of which was in various management positions at Hogan Hardwoods. Joey managed corporate lumber purchasing and the dry kiln operations at the Hogan Hardwoods Central Mill Distribution Center and also worked as an outside salesperson for Hogan Hardwoods, Cedar Creek Lumber and Arkansas Face Veneer. In addition, Joey opened and managed new sales and lumber distribution offices. Joey will focus his sales efforts on the development of millwork, cabinet, door and outdoor living sales. Joey is married to Martha Skinner and they have two children, Georgia and Barrett.

Joey’s office number is (251) 330-7709 and his e-mail is:

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AWF Cook-Off

OHC Team places third in the AWF Wild Game Cook-Off!

AWF11OHC gives back to the communities it serves. Recently, OHC served as a sponsor to Alabama Wildlife Federation’s Wild Game Cook-Off at the Blue Gill Restaurant. The AWF is a great organization. AWF proudly calls itself the oldest and largest non-profit conservation group in Alabama. Its mission is to promote the conservation of wildlife and natural resources in Alabama through the wise use and responsible stewardship of our wildlife, forests, fish, soils, water and air. That’s a mission that OHC wholeheartedly supports and a team of OHC folks recently donated their time to enter their first, and certainly not their last, cooking competition.

AWF13While OHC personnel can boast that they are experts at manufacturing high-quality lumber products, they were rank amateurs in the highly popular, competitive cooking world. The team nevertheless overcame their inexperience and general lack of any cooking skills or training to place third in the seafood division. The team used teamwork to prepare “creamed oysters.” Creamed oysters are a rich and flavorful dish, including heavy doses of salt and spice, as well as a little dry sherry. It’s an old Robinson family recipe. The creamed oysters impressed the judges enough to place third!


Chinese Plywood Tariffs

As the Chinese Plywood Tariffs lurk closer, OHC sighs in relief. On September 27, 2012 an unfair trade petition was filed against the United States for importing Hardwood Plywood from China at less than cost. This is known as “dumping.” Most recently on April 30th, 2013, the United States Department of Commerce proposed a combined 44.77% countervailing duty and anti-dumping duty rate on all hardwood plywood imported from China. Fortunately, other hardwoods and hardwood products have not fallen under the scope of this U.S. trade action.

Overseas Hardwoods Company will not be affected by the tariff or the countervailing duty and anti-dumping duty rate. OHC imports only high quality Apitong / Keruing plywood from Malaysia and Indonesia. The 28mm Apitong / Keruing plywood provided to the United States by OHC will have no interruption and will remain the highest quality available.


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Container Repair Flooring – All Keruing / Apitong or Keruing Face Only

Many container repair outlets in recent years resorted to buying plywood for container repairs which was manufactured with Apitong (also called Keruing) ply on the face only. This Apitong plywood for container repairs was commonly manufactured in China. The Chinese plywood was priced in the $85-100 per sheet range and thus cheaper. The old saying that “you get what you pay for” applies. First, this product is generally lighter in weight (126-136 lbs/sheet). Its lighter weight comes from the types of wood that makes up the inner plys. Whereas the outer plys are generally the abrasive resistant and strong Apitong, the inner plys, as many as 21, were mixed medium density hardwoods. The use of mixed medium density hardwoods creates two potential risks. First, these hardwoods are simply not as strong as an all-Apitong plywood. Second, and more important, adhesive bonding with mixed species of wood is difficult. There is a much greater risk that these veneers may delaminate in the difficult application of a container floor.

OHC has long promoted all Apitong plywood. This 19 ply Keruing is treated to Australia Quarantine Requirements (AQR). What this means is that this Apitong plywood meets the international manufacturing specifications for ocean containers required by the Original Equipment Manufacturers. OHC’s all-Apitong plywood is heavier (167 lbs/sheet), stronger and less likely to suffer any delamination. At $108-120 per sheet, it is more expensive, but you will truly get what you pay for with this superior product.

Another concern or risk when sourcing container plywood is the duty cost. The United States Custom and Border Patrol (CBP) recently confirmed that container flooring, whether Chinese or all-Keruing, must be declared under the proper Harmonized Tariff Code (HTC). According to the official ruling by CBP’s National Commodity Specialist Division, the correct HTC is 4412.31.5165. Under this HTC, a duty of 8% is currently assessed. Given the wide range in pricing in recent years for such plywood, it is likely that some importers may not declare the appropriate HTC code for its plywood to avoid paying the legal duty. Sourcing such plywood creates a risk of fines, imprisonment, and seizure under the revised Lacey Act and other federal regulations. Be careful if a good deal sounds like TOO good of a deal.

The OHC team has imported plywood and lumber products for almost 50 years. We value our business reputation for importing the best products in ethical and legal manners. With the new criminal sanctions available under the Lacey Act, we also value our freedom! We will make the proper declarations under the HTC system so you can rest assured that OHC plywood is imported with the proper duties declared and paid.

The below picture shows that it can be difficult to distinguish the high quality all-Keruing container plywood from the Keruing-face, mixed species brand.

Container Flooring

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